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“I’m too careless. I don’t put out enough effort. I’m tired.”
— Charles Bukowski

wtf why does this blog still have 1,100 followers

Hi everybody. It’s been a month since I’ve posted here, and in that time I’ve just decided that this blog was honestly a chore to me, there was no fun for me in posting on here other than the few but beautiful people I’ve talked to on this blog.

In this past month, I’ve been weirdly discovering small things about myself that I don’t think even I was aware of, and I feel if I kept posting about fashion - a subject I have great knowledge of but now find it hard to even feign interest, I’d be completely lying to myself and doing myself an injustice. I’m honestly in a grey area right now, I’m not sure what makes me truly happy and I’m trying to become more okay with myself and find out what truly makes me… me. I have many years to do so, but I’ve decided I better start now.

I probably will not post here for a long while. I might come back, but until then this blog will fall silent. I haven’t made many friends on here but I want to kindly thank the people who follow me for even taking interest in my blog and my occasional inane ramblings, it means a lot; much more than you think.

Until next time,


(P.S I’m very happy about Nicholas G. Taking over L.V and if you do wanna get in touch with me holla at me on twitter @miucciasmuse)